#16 F.A.I.R.I.E.S.: Baptism by Fire Blog Tour!

Here's what Katie had to say on her blog, Legacy of a Writer:

F.A.I.R.I.E.S., Baptism by Fire is a very sweet, well suited for young readers of many different ages. If you enjoy fantasy and a tale with countless fantastical beings involved, this book will appeal to you in many ways. I think that is why I wasn’t as taken with the novel—while I do enjoy some fantasy, this kind of fantasy isn’t one of them. So, while I give the book 3 stars, it’s through no fault of the author, just my own personal likes/dislikes.

The lively, imaginative, and fun cast of characters within F.A.I.R.I.E.S. will no doubt engage and thrill many readers. I personally had a hard time trying to remember all the different kinds of beings, but that’s probably due to the fact that I don’t normally read books with oceanides, fairies, dwarves, dragons, and whatnot. I did love the friendship between Millie and her S.E. clan—Lizzy, Spike, Zandra, GroBe.

M.C. Pearson has an amazing imagination, creating a world where fairies, dwarves, and dryads exist, unseen to humans. I loved how the fantastical used bible verses repeatedly, and believed in the One and the light He gives. Lovely illustration for young readers! All the different acronyms—F.A.I.R.I.E.S., I.M.P.S., and S.E., to name a few—got a bit confusing for me, I will admit. But it was kinda neat, at the same time.

F.A.I.R.I.E.S: Baptism by Fire took a little while to really ‘get going’, but was filled with many interesting incidents and adventures with Millie and her friends in the meantime. The drawings that Pearson included frequently within the book—which she herself drew!—was really neat, helping to engage the readers with the visuals.

While I did not find it an amazing read, I would recommend viewing other reviews—preferably from those who enjoy the fantasy genre—before coming to a conclusion about this book.

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