Encyclopedia: A-C

Aerial— possessing the ability to fly.

Aerie— where dragons live.

Agape— God’s love.

Alban— a trainee barbegazi and one of the green team members; name means white, fair, steadfast, secure in God’s love.

Alexandra— a trainee elf, one of the S.E., nicknamed Zandra; name means ‘helper and defender of mankind, quickened by spirit’.

Algae— plant that grows abundantly in lakes; slimy and greenish brown colored.

Amazons— giant warrior women from the Amazon Rain Forest, resemble Brazilian women, wear their hair in a short bob cut, wear animal pelts. Didasko Lou is an Amazon.

Amelia Earhart— a Chosen didasko squadmember in the Pacific Volcanic Sect who teaches flying to cadets, a human pilot who was lost at sea after her airplane ran out of gas in an attempt to fly around the world; name means ‘industrious one, blessed, a zealous worker’.

Apprentice— one working for another in order to learn a trade.

Arachne— the master weaver who resides in West Coast Sect and is half-human and half-spider; name means ‘of a spider’.

Archives— a place that keeps documents or records, library.

Archivist— keeper of the archives, similar to a librarian.

Armor of the One— waist girded with truth, breastplate of righteousness, shone feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of the One.

Athenaeum— a library.

Atlantis— Lost city in the ocean, now home of royal merfolk.

Baitoushan— a 2,300 foot stratovolcano on the border of China and Korea, elevation of 9,003 feet, location of the Chinese red dragon aerie.

Barbegazi— white furred, gnome sized yeti/sasquach beings that reside in snowy mountains, Trainee Alban is one.

Bathehouse— a room containing a large fresh water springs pool in which one bathes or swims.

Bhogavati— a great underground city located under Asia, capital city and principal home of the nagas, snake-people, members of the I.M.P.S.

Big Foot— a shy yeti didasko in West Coast Academy who speaks only when needed; legendary sasquash of Santa Cruz, California; father of Große Füße.

Blaise— a Chinese red dragon who sponsors Mellie in the dragon aerie; name means ‘firebrand’.

Blind— a mind action gift that temporarily blinds one’s enemy.

Boogiemen— I.M.P.S. that are spirit-like and love to bother humans, especially children.

Brogan— the Irish leprechaun who makes Mellie’s shoes; name means ‘shoe’ in German.

Bubbles— the resident cluricaun of the West Coast Sect who created Kokolers; named for his bubbly drink.

Buck— the faun who works in F.E.P.S. Hall; a buck is a male deer.

Bunyips— I.M.P.S. that are grotesque, horrible monsters who live in dark swampy waters, triple the size of a dragon, sharp beaks of emus, half of their bodies like gigantic rodents, retractable claws in their forepaws, and sea serpent scales upon the bottom half of their long snake-like tails. Bunyips screech a high pitched and terrifying bray.

Cadet— rank of a being that is learning leadership and flying.

Caldera— a basinlike depression resulting from an explosion of the center of a volcano.

Carry— a mind action gift that allows one to carry things that are normally overly heavy or bulky.

Centaurs— half-human and half-horse, F.A.I.R.I.E. Squadmember if descendent of the Chronus line, I.M.P. Sorcerer if descendant of the Ixion line.

Chosen— a human who is called by the One to become a F.A.I.R.I.E. Squadmember.

Chronus— The light line of centaur originating from the centaurs, Chronus and Philyra, educated and sober centaurs.

Cluricaun— beings who take care of the nectars in the cellar, resemble mini-innkeepers, Bubbles is a cluricaun.

Cockatrice— the size of a bobcat, resembles a bad mixture of a snake and a rooster, has two terrifying weapons: its eyes and its razor sharp teeth. If anyone locks eyes with this beast, that being dies instantly, allowing the bird-reptile a nice, easy lunch. They are wild fantastical creatures and do not care who they attack, as long as they are killing something. Dark or light, it doesn’t matter to the cockatrice.

Corinthian Columns— an architectural term meaning that the top of a column is decorated in a Greek, superfluous manner.

Creed— the document that states the F.A.I.R.I.E.S. beliefs.

CFTT Book— Common F.A.I.R.I.E.S. Tasks Training manual for Basic Survival, Basic Self-Defense, and Basic First-Aid classes.