Encyclopedia: S-U

S.E.— the Squad Elite: Mellie, Elizabeth, Zandra, Spike, and Große; a team trained secretly by Didasko Lou.

Scar— the fire salamander that helps Mellie.

Sea Nymph— oceanide; naiad; nymphs of the ocean; usually have the coloring and markings of the sea animal or plant that they represent; Spike is sea nymph.

Sea Serpent— approximately 30 feet long with poisoned fangs, necks about 2 feet wide; an I.M.P. Sorcerer that one would do best to stay away from.

See— a mind action gift that allows a being to see things far away or another being that they think about.

Sequoia Sempervirens— the hamadryad redwood tree that jokingly names Mellie, 'Good Wind'; named from the giant redwood that it resembles.

Shaman Sorcerers— evil human males, like witches, belong to the I.M.P.S.; abundant in Asia.

Sheagleon— the didasko sphinx who tests Mellie; she is a high ranking didasko; name derived from: she, meaning ‘female woman'; eagle; and leon, another name for lion.

Snakemen— also known as nagas; handsome, half-human and half-male (related to gorgons). I.M.P.S.

Sorcerers— users of magic through the aid of evil spirits with the intent to harm others.

Sphinx— tri-mammal: head, hands, and torso of a human; wings and feathers of an eagle; hind legs, teeth, and tail of a lion. These beings are notoriously dark, yet can be turned to the light. Sheagleon is a light Sphinx.

Spike— member of the S.E., oceanide, also known as Parastichopus Californicus Class Holothuroidea; nicknamed Spike because of the talon shaped spikes that protrude from his body.

Sponsor— guide, one who vouches for another, one who is responsible for another being; Elizabeth is Mellie’s sponsor in the West Coast Sect, and Blaise is Mellie’s sponsor in the dragon aerie.

Squadmember— belonging to the squads of fantastical beings that protect others and free them.

Squads— military group of fantastical beings.

Stop— a mind action gift that can freeze another being, action, or object in place.

Strateuma— leader of a F.A.I.R.I.E.S. Sect; Greek word that means leader.

Stratovolcano— a type of volcano that has had repeated eruptions and has left layers of volcanic materials built-up on top of each other, forming a mountain. The magma within this type of volcano is thick and highly gaseous, making it an explosive volcano. It violently erupts and causes hazards from the magma flow as well as from the debris that it shoots into the atmosphere.

Sub-Light Way— a gremlin invention that allows beings to travel just under the speed of light.

Swim Through Earth— didasko gnome that teaches geology and geography for the West Coast Academy; Native American Indian named from the way a gnome travels.

Treant— also known as a hamadryad; nymphs that are tree-shaped and protect the forests and woods that they reside in, native language: treespeak, usually only reveal themselves to dryads and other hamadryads.

Treespeak— the language that hamadryads and dryads use to communicate; sounds like the wind rustling leaves.

Trolls— members of I.M.P.S., these ugly, large, stupid beings roam hillsides and mountains in search of beings to eat.

Utility Survival Outfits— or USO’s are squadmember clothes that are stronger and sturdier than a beings usual outfit; look similar to a being’s natural camouflage (or a forest pattern for beings without a natural camouflage).