Encyclopedia: P-R

Parastichopus Californicus Class Holothuroidea— Spike, the oceanide’s formal name, refers to the cucumber shaped (nudibranch, sea lemon, navanax) sea creature he resembles.

Pegasi— flying horses; may be light or dark.

Peonage— a person held in servitude to work off debts, indentured servant, slave, one that must do as his master bids—no matter how evil the deed may be.

Pixie— related to nymphs, they are flying beings that resemble different insects such as butterflies and fireflies; use pixie dust for magical pranks in order to 'teach lessons'; had a falling out with the F.A.I.R.I.E.S.; can be light or dark.

Pugil Stick— combat stick for training purposes; made of wood with ends covered in ocean sponge.

Pull— a mind action gift to bring things or beings toward a being.

Pumice— volcanic ash.

Push— a mind action gift to send things or beings away from a being.

Rainbow Nymph— a very mysterious nymph family, excellent in the art of being inconspicuous, have golden eagle wings on their backs, sparrow wings on their feet, rainbow colored eyes, and various shades of skin tone; Iris is a rainbow nymph.

Reach— a mind action gift that helps a being get to, touch or get a hold of, stretch or hold out, establish communication, influence, and stretch.

Redcap— member of I.M.P.S.; nasty goblins with fiery red eyes, red capped heads, pointed iron boots, sharp beaks, and hawkish talons.

Regnans, family of Myrtaceae— Master of Arms for the West Coast Sect, British dryad nymph who brings Mellie into the F.A.I.R.I.E.S.; a eucalyptus dryad; name derived from one of the many forms of eucalyptus or myrtaceae.

Ria Retaw— a gift of oceanides that allows beings to breathe underwater.

‘Rikk— the leading tribe of elves that rule from the elfin seat.

Rukh— dark creature; huge blackbird; large enough for a human to ride; natural enemy of dragons.