Encyclopedia: J-L

K’uei-skeleton Demons— resemble skeletons except that their skulls are fronted with demonic faces, are angry, evil, members of I.M.P.S. and live in China.

Kin— related to, of the same family.

Kleine— a yeti who is the wife of Big Foot and mother of Große Füße; name means ‘small’ in German and is pronounced Klina.

Kobolds— small men, about two feet tall, extremely old looking, with long hair, beard, and mustaches; clothed in green bushes, have skinny arms and skinny legs, shoes curl up at the toe. They are a people who love making homes homey. House Regent Micks, the head cook, is one.

Kokoler— bubbly drink made by carbonating flower nectar, invented by Bubbles.

Kurort— a milky white water that cures wounds, in Jacuzzi like holes; German for ‘place of cure’.

Labyrinth— a system of many twisting passages or paths out of which it is hard to find one’s way, a maze.

Laeh Ot— a gift from the One that allows a being to heal another.

Lake Nymphs— also known as naiads that live in, preside over, and give perpetuity to lakes, rivers, springs, and fountains.

Lake People— a village of lake nymphs of the West Coast Sect also known as naiads who live in, preside over, and give perpetuity to lakes, rivers, springs, and fountains.

Lebab— a gift from the One that unites languages.

Leprechaun— about one foot in height, about the height of an alley cat. They dress all in green, with the leather aprons, tiny buckled shoes, and red hats. They are cobblers (shoemakers). Brogan is one.

Leucanthemum Superbum— a cadet wildflower limoniade nymph and roommate of Mellie, a member of the S.E., nicknamed Lizzy; name derived from the wildflower, which she resembles: a robust daisy-like white flower with a yellow central disk, also known as Shasta Daisy or Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s mother, Esther Read is also named Leucanthemum Superbum but after a different flower--although it, too, is a white flower with a yellowish core, it looks more like a mum than a daisy.

Liaison— a contact being between military units and fantastical beings throughout the world, one who solves problems and gives wise solutions to beings whom he/she visits.

Lilith— a witch who impersonated a Chosen, leader of the I.M.P.S., caused the German gold dragons extinction; name means ‘belonging to the night, queen of darkness’.

Lily, Day— a trainee garden perennial limoniade nymph on the blue team, named after the flower she represents; name means ‘purity’; Latin name Hemerocallis ‘Ruffled Apricot’.

Limoniades— nymphs of meadows and flowers.

Louise— the didasko Amazon who teaches Self-Defense and First-Aid at the West Coast Sect, also instructs the S.E. in special mind action classes, also known as Lou; name means ‘famous warrior, protectress, watchful one’.