Encyclopedia: M-O

Manipulative— changes to suit one’s purpose or advantage, to manage or influence by artful or devious skill, a deceiver, a liar.

Master— rank of one that is the highest in his/her trade.

Medusa— a gorgon I.M.P. Sorceress who changed many beings into statues.

Maryellen Goodwin— the Chosen trainee homo sapiens also known as Mellie; name means ‘bitter', but also means 'light', 'wise' and 'blessed’.

Merfolk— not nymphs, they are half human and half fish with pearly white skin, and bleached white hair, eyes various shades of blue; extremely beautiful and vain, kin to elves.

Micks— House Regent of the West Coast Sect; name sounds like ‘mix’.

Mellie— a Chosen trainee homo sapiens, also known as Maryellen; name means ‘bitter', but also means 'light', 'wise' and 'blessed’.

Mind Action— gift from the one that use your mind instead of your body, need specialized training to learn. Some are: pushing, pulling, stopping, reaching, carrying, seeing, blinding.

Mindspeak— speaking into another’s mind with out verbalizing a sound; how dragons communicate; a gift of the One: Dnes Eciov, allows a being to do this.

Musk Deer— primitive looking deer about the size of a medium-sized dog, large oval ears, an arched back, and long hind limbs; resemble a furry cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo; males have huge teeth that stick out like a saber-toothed leopard; males also have musk glands for which they are hunted. Musk is used in many perfumes and medicines.

N.E.A.T. Station— New Enlistee Aptitude Testing Station

Nagas— handsome Snakemen, half-human and half-male (related to gorgons); I.M.P.S.; live in Bhogavati.

Naiads— lake people, nymphs who live in, preside over, and give perpetuity to lakes, rivers, springs, and fountains; usually have the coloring of algae, the plant that grows abundantly in lakes.

Nailhead Spar Crystal— calcite prismatic crystals that form in caves; look like nail heads.

Nymph— a fantastical being that is humanoid but colored and marked according to the thing they represent: oreades are gray like rocks, oceanides are colored like sea creatures and plants, limoniades are colored like plants, dryads look like branches of different trees, hamadryads resemble different species of trees.

Oath— a solemn appeal to God to witness one’s determination to speak the truth or to keep a promise; the F.A.I.R.I.E.S. Oath is as follows: I hereby swear to uphold the duties of the F.A.I.R.I.E.S. with honor and honesty. I shall live by the Creed. I shall be willing to die for the Creed. I will be a beacon of light in the darkest hour. I will help free those who are persecuted by the darkness. I join the F.A.I.R.I.E.S. of my own free will.

Oceanide Nymph Suit— the suits that oceanides wear; posses scales for gliding through the water and protection from the cold.

Oceanide— sea nymphs; nymphs of the ocean; usually have the coloring and markings of the sea animal or plant that they represent; Spike is an oceanide.

Oreades— nymphs that resemble rocks; live in mountains; are gray colored.

Ot Leah— a gift from the One that helps a being heal another.

Ot Terpretni— a gift from the One that helps a being understand other languages.

Oxmen— members of the I.M.P.S., bottom half of men and top half of oxen.