Encyclopedia: G-I

Gar’Rikk— a trainee elf who is next in line for the 'Rikk clan kingship; name means ‘spear king, ruler, champion’.

Gift- something which can be learned, earned, or both; given by the One to do the light’s work.

Ginosko— Greek meaning ‘to learn’ or ‘to understand’. The word gnome is derived from this word.

Glory— a cadet vine limoniade nymph, Elizabeth’s cousin, who spreads rumors about Mellie. Also known as Morning Glory and Ipomoeca Purpurea; name derived from the morning glory weed.

Glows— underwater lights that produce a greenish glow, made by gremlins.

Gnomes— grow to be three and one-half inches tall, resemble the original human occupants of where they were born, love to learn, can predict and learn from the future, are wise, happy, and never worry. The word, ‘gnome’, comes from the Greek word, ‘ginosko’ meaning ‘to learn’ or ‘to understand’.

Goblins— I.M.P.S. that grow to be about six inches tall, are humanoid in form, originated in France, are malicious, mischievous, cunning, and depraved; related to redcaps.

Gorgons— an upper body of a human female, lower body of a snake (female nagas) large head, round face, flat nose, large protruding teeth, lolling tongue, hair consists of a tangled mass of snakes, anyone who looks into a gorgon’s eyes is instantly turned into stone. Medusa was a gorgon.

Gremlins— grow to be no more than one inch tall, brilliant mechanics and engineers with a nasty sense of humor; makers of the Sub-Light Way. They used to help out humans with ideas and developments in technology until humans took all the credit for Gremlin inventions. During their vacations or just when they get bored, they fool around with human machines and wreak havoc by placing a gremlin effect on human tools.

Gryphons— are half eagle and half lion, great hunters with have keen eyes. They are light creatures.

Große— a yeti trainee and a member of the S.E.; German for ‘big’, pronounced Grossa.

Gypsum Flowers— a fibrous speleothem (secondary mineral deposit formed in caves such as stalactites and stalagmites) of sulfate that radiates out in ‘petals’ from a common base.

Hadrian— a trainee African gnome who is leader of the green team; name means ‘the black one, brave, warrior for the right’.

Hamadryads— also known as treants, nymphs that are tree-shaped and protect the forests and woods that they reside in, native language: treespeak, usually only reveal themselves to dryads and other hamadryads.

Homo Sapiens— Latin for the species of human; Mellie, Lilith, and Amelia are homo sapiens.

House Regent— highest-ranking kobold.

I.M.P.S.— Immoral Manipulative Peonage Sorcerers.

Igneous Rock— produced under intense heat: rocks of volcanic origin.

Immoral— violating moral principles, licentious or lascivious, corrupt, unethical, depraved, wicked.

Inconspicuous— not conspicuous (easily seen or attracting special attention) or noticeable.

International— between or among nations, of two or more nations or their citizens, having members or dealings in several nations.

Ipomoeca Purpurea— a cadet vine limoniade nymph, Elizabeth’s cousin, who spreads rumors about Mellie; a hateful weed, commonly known as Morning Glory that grows as a vine and infests fields and gardens; Greek meanings: Ipomoeca= wormlike, Purpurea= purple.

Iris— a didasko rainbow nymph who teaches Introduction to Being Inconspicuous and Introduction to Emancipation; name means ‘a rainbow, God’s promise’.

Ixion— the dark line of centaur originating from the centaur, Ixion, a noted rascal; with the strength of stallions and the greed, lust, and arrogance of human males; love to have drunken brawls; members of I.M.P.S.